Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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The delicious, healthy side now awaits. Yum.

“Being overweight is not fun. It can lead to health complications in such people both now and in the future.”

How much weight would you like to lose? And why do you wish to lose the weight?

You need to be specific on how much weight you wish to lose, and by when.

Step 1: Be Specific

Following on from the above there needs to be a big enough why (motivational reason) for wanting to achieve a certain goal such as losing weight. There needs to be a real emotional reason behind your intentions, otherwise your intentions will stay as such. In certain roles (such as being a flight attendant or a fitness instructor) people need to be a certain weight. Some people want to lose weight because they’re sick of being overweight, or because of how they’re treated as a result of being overweight. Some people want to lose weight bevause they’re getting married real soon. Why do you want to lose weight?

Physical movement is key. Bike riding, running or walking. Just do it.

Step 2: Exercise

Our bodies need movement. Our food is designed as fuel to get us through the day, and any excess energy needs to be burnt off. We need to stay active, not be couch potatoes. Even just half an hour a day is a great starting point. The amount of exercise you need to do depends on your capabilities and how much weight you wish to lose and by when. There is where a health or personal trainer can be of assistance.

Step 3: Eat Right

Our bodies crave wholesome, healthy, organic and life giving foods. Foods that feel right for our stomach. Proteins are okay, however not in excess. Minimise the use of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and fat. Trust your stomach and trust your feelings on the food that is not right for you. Let your feelings be the guide.

We need some beauty sleep

Step 4: Rest and Sleep

We need our desired sleep, otherwise we will wake up feeling tired, cranky and irritable. Those negative feeling are not conducive to weight loss. In times when we are tired due to a lack of energy or sleep, we want and will crave more sugar. Too much sugar can cause weight gain in many people. So can foods high in fat. When we rest we restore our bodies, and therefore they're able to function with adequate energy levels. That way we only eat to live not live to eat.

Reward yourself. Maybe towards that tropical beachside holiday youve always wanted Or something else

Step 5: Reward Yourself

It is important to celebrate your wins and accomplishments. Reward yourself for losing weight with something that will not put it back on. Maybe buy that piece of jewellery you have always wanted. Any money that you save on junk food through your weight loss goals, put it in a clear jar and you will be surprised as to how much extra money you will save in the end. This extra reward could be anything from a house upgrade to more frequent holidays, depending on what you want.


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