Make a Chatterbox

Make a Chatterbox

Posted 2013-02-04 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Chatterboxes are one of the simplest origami tricks to master, but they were popular in the schoolyard before kids even knew what origami was.

Time: 5 minutes


1 Sheet of A4 Paper
Coloured Pencils


  • Take a piece of A4 Paper. Take one corner and fold it down to create a triangle.

  • Then fold along the rectangular piece left over. Cut or tear this from the triangle.

  • Unfold the triangle so that you have a square with a crease diagonally down the centre. Fold so that there is a matching diagonal line going in the other direction.

  • Unfold again, and then begin folding each corner into the centre of the square. When you're finished you should have another, smaller, square.

  • Flip the square over, and repeat by folding each corner into the centre.

  • The chatterbox is now finished. Slide your thumbs and index fingers into the four pockets, and push against them to puff out the chatter box.

  • Lay the chatterbox flat again, and then colour in each of the outer squares.

  • Open it up and write numbers on the inside, from 1-8.

  • To play, put the chatterbox on your fingers and get a friend to pick a colour. Open the chatter box back and forth, once for each letter of the colour. Then get a friend to pick a number, once again open it back and forth for the amount of times they've chosen.

  • Get them to pick another number, and then open up that flap. You can write truths or dares inside each flap, and whichever one they open, they have to complete.

  • You can use a chatterbox any way you like. While it works well for the truth or dare game, it could also be used as a learning tool.

    Instead of blue, red, yellow, and green, use bleu, rouge, jaune, and vert, and inside the final flaps put a phrase students have to translate, or an activity they have to complete.

    It could also be turned into a creative maths game.

    It's an easy thing to make, regardless of its use. So next time you get a tension headache while folding a paper crane, why not try a chatterbox instead.


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