Make a Simple Pop Up Card

Make a Simple Pop Up Card

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It's always lovely receive a real card in the post. Too many people just send an e-mail or text but it doesn't take long to make that extra little effort. A bought card is great but you can make it more special by creating one yourself.

Simple pop up card

Pop up cards are lots of fun especially for children. I made this really simple one with my toddler. I'm hoping we will actually get to send it as he's having lots of fun closing and then opening it while shouting 'POP UP'.

Time: from a few minutes to longer depending on how creative you want to get.

Black marker
Crayon, paint or other ways to decorate
Glue or double sided sticky tape

  • Fold your card in half to make a card

  • You can also buy ready folded cards with envelopes

  • Cut two slits a couple of centimetres apart and of the same length. These should not be more than half the width of the card.

  • Cut from the folded centre of the card

    Gently push the cut section through

  • Push the cut section through, this will be your pop up stand.

  • The cut section provides your pop up stand

  • If you want to add several pop ups then cut more. These can be of different lengths to change the depth of pop up.

  • Draw and cut out a design for your pop up. I drew a house and my son coloured it in with crayons. You could draw a simple heart for Valentine's day or a Christmas tree for a special card at Christmas.

  • Even a simple house drawn with a black marker can be effective

    Kids can have fun colouring in and decorating the design

  • Attach your designs to the verticals of the pop up stand with glue or double sided sticky tape.

  • Side view

  • Your card is now ready to pop up when opened and stays standing with your design.

  • This card was made for my son's auntie who had just moved house. You could get even more creative, especially with older children and use tissue paper, feathers and glitter to make some great decorations. It's not just for children and grown ups are allowed to have fun too.

    These cards really can be as simple or as complicated as you like but whatever your design, I'm sure they'll bring a smile the face of anyone who receives them. It's so much better than getting only bills and junk mail delivered by your postman.

    Why not give it a go and upload some photos or ideas of your creations in the comments box.


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