Make Money Online

Make Money Online

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The topic of making money online has gained a lot of popularity lately. As we are living in the Internet age, many of our daily activities have slowly moved towards the online world. While decades ago the only way to buy something was to visit a brick and mortar shop, nowadays you can order almost any product you fancy online and have it delivered on your doorstep.

The same goes for the jobs market. More and more people earn their living online today and even a greater number add a supplementary income to their household via the Internet.

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an internet connection


  • Build a website

  • One of the most common methods to make money online refers to building websites and monetizing them. The topic depends on your own interest and areas of expertise. The best is to build a niche website on a topic you know very well as this way it will be easy for you to come up with innovative ideas and create original content.

    You don’t have to be a tech savvy person in order to build a website nowadays. If you have basic HTML notions you can practically write the coding yourself, but even if you don’t know any programming at all you can use content management systems like Wordpress or Joomla.

    When it comes to website monetization, there are several options. First of all, you can insert ads into your pages, either from direct advertisers or from wholesalers like Google, Chitika, Infolinks or Amazon. Here is a print screen of a website that has both Infolinks and Google ads:

    Then, there are lots of affiliate programs you can join. This means that you can recommend through your pages a series of products or services and you earn a commission each time somebody referred by you completes a purchase. One of the best affiliate programs can be found on Commission Junction’s website, but there is also Google Affiliate Network.

  • Sell your own products or services

  • If you have a certain skill, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of opening a brick and mortar shop or office, the Internet provides you with the opportunity of trading your products and services on markets you could not reach otherwise.

    For instance, if you like crafting things like clothing items, home decorations, pieces of jewelry or other accessories, you can sell the results of your craftsmanship on e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon. Here is one of my most successful products:

    And here is what my Etsy shop looks like, just to give you an idea in case you consider investing your efforts into this area.

  • Become an author

  • Another option is to write an e-book (or more) and charge for the download. This can turn into a good source of passive income the topic is specialized enough and in high demand. If the e-book thing seems like too much hassle for you, think about article writing. There are several websites that pay a revenue share of their advertising income to the authors, or you can work directly with customers in need of web content.


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