Make Money Writing Online

Make Money Writing Online

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Content is king said Bill Gates back in 1996 expressing his vision that “much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” More than 15 years later, the sentence does not only hold its truth value; it also acquired new meanings, especially if we take into consideration Google’s latest algorithm updates.

The more the Mountain View giant favors websites with fresh original content, the more opportunities to make money writing online we see flourishing on the Web. On the other hand, the global economic context has pushed many of us towards the online world looking for a supplementary income or for a way of earning our living via the Internet.

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  • Publish articles on revenue share websites

  • The most common option you have when writing online refers to the revenue share websites. There are many of them and they use different systems. Some writing websites like HubPages, Helium or Squidoo insert their own ads into all the pages, and share with the authors a certain quota of their advertising revenues.

    Others like Wizzley or Webbnuggets allow authors to use their own Adsense codes. You may be wondering what the website’s benefit is if you take all the Adsense revenue. Actually, only one of the ads you see in the following screenshot (the one inside the article’s intro module) belongs to the writer. All the others work on Wizzley’s Adsense account.

  • Sell your articles through specialized websites

  • If you have good writing skills and a high level of accuracy, you can try selling your articles via Constant Content. They allow you to set your own prices (not lower than 7 USD) and charge 45% of the total amount. However, you should know that the articles submission process can be rather painful. While they keep the financial aspect above the average, they are also very strict on quality.

  • Look for ghostwriting projects

  • Ghostwriting is an important part of the web content sector. If you are at the beginning of your online writing career, you can look for ghostwriting projects on websites like Freelancer, ArticleTeller or iWrite.

    Freelancer’s projects billboard is a rather dynamic one and you will most certainly find a few topics you feel like write about. However, there is a great downside with these online writing gigs and it refers to prices, which can get to really low levels like 1 USD for a 500 words written piece. As any other time you have to set a price for your services, it is entirely up to you to keep your standards up and to avoid selling yourself short.

  • Find blogging jobs

  • Many people start a blog nowadays, but soon after it became popular they realize they don’t always have the time to write for it. Some of them give up the blogging idea, while others look for co-bloggers to provide them with content. The guys at Problogger entertain a blogging gigs billboard where you can find plenty of opportunities to make money writing online.

    While these jobs may require some writing experience or a specific expertise, they are often rather well paid.


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