Manifest a Love Based Relationship

Manifest a Love Based Relationship

Posted 2013-02-04 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Love, sweet love.

“Having a soulmate come and stay into your life is bliss.”

To avoid some of us from working too hard on our passions and then burning out, we need a partner to spend some quality time with. Your soulmate is your friend above all friends. Someone who you learn, grow and fall in love and life with. Below are some of the ideal ways in manifesting the right partner, or to end up in a love based relationship.

Be clear on the type of partner you want in your life. Write it down.

Step 1: Focus on What You Want

Be clear on waht type of partner you want to enter into your life and when. You need to be clear for the right person to come into your life. Previous relationships acted as teachers. Write it down. Raise your standards for the things you do not want, and lower your standards for the things that you do want. Also do not be afraid to write down the ideal qualities you seek out in a partner. If you want someone who is loving and generous, you also need to be that person to attract the ideal mate into your life. Make some adjustments if necessary. Mixed feelings produce mixed results.

Also, be clear on the ideal qualities you want in your soulmate. Again, the magic pen and paper wins.

Step 2: Ask Quality Questions

The quality of your life determines the quality of your outcome. Instead of saying “I cannot find my soulmate,” instead you should be asking “How can I attract the ideal soulmate for me into my life?” That way you have not shut down anything, and your mind begins to get busy and work hard for you to come up with some answers. Maybe you might be inspired to apply for a new job, or to go to a party or function you have been invited to. Maybe you might be inspired to do a cooking course, and hence your partner might show up in that same course. Listen to what comes back, and also to your intuition.

Live your life regardless

Step 3: Live Your Life

Do not put your life on hold until you manifest a love based relationship. Enjoy being single. Live (and love) your life. Catch up with friends, travel and continue to do the things that you normally would, and do them well. Be present to every activity that you do. Go with the flow and enjoy every moment of your life. When you feel good and you're content and productive; your partner will manifest when he/she is meant to manifest into your life. If you want to knit, do it. Don’t use not having a partner as an excuse to not go out and have some fun. Live life, be in it. You’re in a transition period.

4. Be Kind to Others

If you want someone loving to come into your life, you need to treat everyone with respect regardless as to who they are and what kind of work they’re engaged in. It does not matter how they treat you. You have total control in how you treat others. Happiness is a precursor to kindness and vice versa.

Some space in the bathroom vanity for your partners toiletries too.

5. Create a Vacuum

For instance, if you own a double, queen or a king size bed, you need to sleep on one side of the bed; that way there is room for your partner (when he/she comes into your life) to sleep on the other side. Likewise with your wardrobe, make sure there is enough (equal) space for your partners clothes and shoes. As you can see in the image above, there is another space for that person’s partner to home their beauty products inside the bathroom vanity. You need to state your intent and act like you’re in a love based relationship for it to happen.


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