Organise Your Garage

Organise Your Garage

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How many people do you know, actually park their car in their garage? I've never used my garage for it's original purpose. Instead, it's a place to store everything that's related to DIY or the outside.

It's easy to use it as a dumping ground and the mess can get a little out of hand when you're in the middle of some major DIY projects.

Taking a little time to organise your garage will pay off in the long run. You'll be able to easily find what you need and a few easy storage tips will make your garage feel larger than it is.

Time: This depends on the size of your garage and how much you need to store in it.

Storage shelves
Bike hooks
Small boxes with lids


De clutter

  • First consider everything you need to store.
  • Be brutal and chuck out everything you don't need. Paint tins with a centimetre of dry paint at the bottom, old packaging, scraps of carpet and so on are unlikely to be used again. Don't forget to be responsible about disposing of items correctly.
  • Donate any items that are still in working order but you know that you will never use again. I had three chairs that had been sat in my garage for years. They were in full working order but hadn't be touched since we moved house. My local church hall were more than happy to take them.

  • Storage

  • Buy some decent, sturdy shelves.
  • Bolt them to the walls to ensure they don't topple over when they're full.
  • Keep large, heavy items on the bottom and lighter items higher up.

  • Heavy items on the bottom shelf

  • Group similar items together. It's much more efficient if you have all your painting related equipment in one area, power tools in another etc.

  • Put small items into boxes so that you don't have them cluttered over work sufaces. It will be quicker to find a nail to hang a picture in the house if you're not scrambling around a mess or lots of different items.

  • Simple Solutions

  • There are various storage solutions on the market. If you have a bike, you can get hooks so that you can hang them up. This leaves the floor beneath clear to store other items.
  • Knock a few nails into the wall to hang mid sized items that you use on a regular basis, like hammers.

  • Keep general DIY tools that you need to carry about in a tool box or tool belt.

  • Once your garage is organised it's much easier to keep it tidy going forward. Keep your work surfaces clear and clean up at the end of each project.


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