Overcome Your Sweet Cravings and Feel Great

Overcome Your Sweet Cravings and Feel Great

Posted 2013-01-28 by Justine Crowleyfollow
A chocolate dipped strawberry with pistacchio. Everything in moderation.

"Because life is absolutely awesome when sugar does not control you."

Ah those sweet cravings. Whether those cravings tempt you to want to eat chocolate, lollies, cakes, hot chips and fast food, they can be easily overcome. There is nothing wrong with eating sugar, yet we know that sugar to excess is not great for our bodies. Everything in moderation is key.

Journals give you clear insights into your unwanted habits.

Step 1: Keep a Journal

Writing is the window to the soul after all. Keeping a log of the days and times when you're craving something sweet can bring up a pattern. What time did you crave that chocolate bar? What happened just before then? The quality of the questions you ask yourself determines the quality of your life.That way you will know what triggers your sweet cravings, and hence make some adjustments to your daily routine if at all possible. For instance many people crave sweet things due to boredom or when working in an office. It could be after eating a certain food that may not be quite right for you. Journals help you know yourself more. The same goes for your sweet cravings. Such an activity will help you plan ahead and have healthier alternatives if you really need something to eat. 4pm to 5pm are the most common times that people crave sweets.

A weeks supply of dark chocolate for the writer in overcoming her sweet cravings.

Step 2: Acknowledge and Treat

It is not self defeat if you acknowledge your craving and feed it a bit of the sugar you're craving. If you fancy a bit of chocolate, go for smaller servings and healthier alternatives. Instead on splashing out on a chocolate box or a large block of chocolate to overcome such cravings, your waistline and your wallet will thank you if you go small. If you crave chocolate, eat a piece of dark chocolate. You only need two bite sized pieces, or opt for something like a chocolate dipped strawberry, that way you're satisfying that craving and giving your body the natural sugar it needs to burn. Otherwise if you do not acknowledge your craving, you will be bingeing on sweets later, and the side effects of doing the latter would be onerous to your happiness, health and wellbeing.

What the writer has saved in a day, her first day. Money that would have went on junk food.

Step 3: With the Money Saved, place into a clear Glass or Jar

When you acknowledge and treat your sweet cravings in small doses, place that money that you would have spent on excessive sugar or junk food into a clear jar, and do not remove that cash (or coins) until the jar or glass is full. The savings incurred will add up real quick. That way your sweet cravings will begin to diminish when you can quickly see the extra money you have been able to save by treating your craving, yet only in small doses. You will also see the difference to your waistline and towards your attitude in other areas of your life. As you can see in the image, this is how much the writer has been able to save in only a day by significantly limiting her intake on foods that aren't great for you. In terms of junk food today, she only eats one tiny piece of dark chocolate a day.

Outside Intrepid Travel Agency at Westfield Sydney

Step 4: Reward Yourself

Use some (or all, up to you) of that money you have saved that was once spent on sweets and junky foods on yourself. Reward yourself for overcoming your sweet cravings and giving your body the bare minimum when it comes to foods that aren't good for you. It can be something small like a bunch of fresh flowers for the house, or something on a larger scale such as pampering; or maybe a long awaited holiday for yourself. Anything is possible when you help yourself.

The writer enjoys some healthy sashimi when sweet cravings strike

Step 5: Replace your Sweet Craving with a Healthier Alternative

If you crave sweet things while in the office, ensure you have healthier snacks on hand instead of going to the vending machine. When the craving strikes, drink water and breathe deeply. If you're still hungry, go and eat something healthy. A piece of fruit, or as in the picture the writer goes for some healthy sashimi, and then the desire for sweets and junk food goes away.


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