Pack Your House To Move For Last Minute Movers

Pack Your House To Move For Last Minute Movers

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Sometimes we don’t get too much notice to move out of our current residence. Packing your belongings quickly can become overwhelming especially if you have a lot of belongings. If time is of the essence, here are packing tips for moving house that are easy and effective for the last-minute mover. There are many ways on how to pack for moving house. But according to Cairns Coast Removals , a high-quality removalist in Cairns which holds a decade of experience in pre-packing service and moving, here’s some of best tips available when you’re already short on time.

Get Rid of Almost Everything

This might sound drastic, but if you’re on a real time crunch and don’t think you can pack all of your belongings into boxes, try to get rid of almost anything that’s non-essential to your life. It’s difficult when you’re packing to move house where to start. Old clothes, kitchen appliances that you rarely use or gardening supplies can usually be left behind. This serves the dual purpose of carrying less items during your move, and it also drastically declutters your belongings so that your new home can finally be a minimalist’s dream.


While you’re getting rid of most of your belongings, plan to donate what you can to local organizations. Most organizations have locations to drop off your unwanted goods, or they can schedule a pick-up at your house. You can even get a tax write-off depending on the organization that you donate to. If your items aren’t in good condition to be donated, you can hire a company that deals with house removals where they pick up your belongings and sometimes even pay you for the items.

Pack Anything With Storage

More house packing tips to consider is if you have empty suitcases or chest of drawers. Large or empty containers can be packed with clothes, linens and other smaller items. This trick works well if you hire a moving company because they will simply move all of these larger items into their truck regardless of weight. If you have drawers that are currently full, then don’t even bother to transfer the contents into cardboard boxes.

Hanging Clothes

If you have a closet full of clothes that are on hangers, then don’t pack them into boxes. Simply take them off of the rack (with the hanger still attached) and lay them flat in the back of your car. This saves on packing time and works well if the clothes you hang are especially delicate where they need to be handled with care.

Trash Bags

Boxes are great for movers to stack on dollies and roll into trucks. But trash bags are handy if you are moving belongings yourself and your car isn’t as big as a moving truck. Pack trash bags with soft non-breakable belongings, and squish the bags into the backseat or trunk of your car.

Blankets and Towels

Skip packing blankets and towels all together because these items can be used as padding for delicate artwork and other furniture. This will save on the number of boxes you will need, and it also acts as free padding for delicate items. If you’re using interstate movers to move across state lines and your belongings must travel a great distance, then this tip is especially handy to help protect your items for the long journey ahead.

Rent Help

If you’re completely lost for time and don’t have friends and family to help with packing, considering renting the help. Many moving companies offer packing services that comes in handy if you’re on a time crunch or have a physical disability.

These house packing tips for moving out are handy for both homeowners and renters. Packing is always a stressful time, especially if you have to move last-minute. The best way to pack your house for moving is to utilize what you already have and pack only what you want to take with you to your new home.

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