Prevent a Hangover According to Science

Prevent a Hangover According to Science

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This article covers proven ways through which you can prevent a hangover and manage it at specified instances. It is possible that you can have a great night out and later wake up very okay the following morning. However, you have to accomplish a few tasks to do away with hangover completely.

These tips may help you prevent a hangover, but keep in mind that you should always drink responsibly , and not to exceed your own level of drinking.

Hacks On How To Prevent A Hangover Before Bed

• Gulp down a Gatorade

In case you do not take Gatorade, Pedialyte can be used as a substitute. The drinks assist in replenishing your electrolytes through the use of sodium and potassium. Electrolytes are significant in that they help you to retain water levels.

You will, therefore, pee less often and, consequently, you will be able to hydrate faster. You will enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without having to wake up to pee, thus sufficient rest and fewer hangovers.

• Take an Ibuprofen

Alcohol creates inflammation in your body , and an anti-inflammatory drug would do good to reduce the effect.

• Drink water

This is another fantastic trick on how to prevent a hangover before bed. Hydration is the key to succeed in the hangover-fighting battle. Do not overdo it though as you might have to wake up the entire night to pee, thus distracting your sleep.

How to Prevent a Hangover Before Drinking

You can also curb the following day hangovers by merely applying some of these tricks.

• Feed well on proteins

Doctors recommend that before you head on to the local pub, make sure you eat food rich in fats, proteins, and carbs. The severity of an alcohol hangover depends on your ability to metabolise alcohol. Ensure you consume red meat as it has products that process the byproducts of alcohol, which could be harmful.

• Take multivitamins

Many people believe that hangovers are brought about by dehydration. However, you should note that oxidative stress and inflammation are the main issues affecting you that morning. Antioxidants will assist in reducing the chances of mild migraine from a hangover.

• Take Recoverthol

A dietary supplement can help you replenish the nutrients lost when drinking alcohol. Recoverthol contains ingredients that are found naturally in your body. It aids dehydrogenase enzyme and its cofactors, to slowly filter out the alcohol in your system. However, do keep in mind that individual results may vary.

How to Prevent a Hangover the Night Before

You are always advised to make sure you are well prepared for any upcoming event such as a big drinking night.

• Rest well

On the previous night, ensure you have a night of sufficient sleep. In as much as it does not necessarily prevent hangovers, it boosts your immunity. Your body is now therefore ready to cope up with a heavy drinking night. Adding this with other techniques will categorically reduce the chances of a hangover.

On the night before partying out all you can do is take some supplements and ensure you sleep well. This is how to prevent a hangover the night before.


Having a dense, intoxicating night without a severe headache and nausea the following morning is what everyone dreads. Follow the hacks provided here to be able to curtail the chances of a hangover the next morning.

You could decide to add supplements to your diet as they assist a lot in anti-inflammatory procedures. The inflammatory effect is brought about by excessive consumption of alcohol.

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