Project Confidence

Project Confidence

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One of the most important social skills to possess is confidence. If you project confidence to others you make more friends, get the guy/girl, be trusted and even avoid being mugged (it's true, a person ambling down the street scared of their own shadow is a prime target to an attack while someone walking with confidence is usually passed by).

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So let's look at how to demonstrate you can project confidence to others.

Time: Only takes a few minutes to be ready to project confidence

  • Be confident

  • The easiest way to demonstrate confidence is to be confident. To feel more confident simply engage in tasks that result in success. For example, if you have a hard task ahead of you, why not try some simpler tasks first that you know you can do.

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    I see this all the time in education. Students are often given harder and harder tasks over time. Because each new tasks feels hard they often feel that they are not learning. Going back and doing some easier tasks will boost their confidence to tackle harder tasks.

  • Boost your self esteem

  • There are many ways to boost your self esteem. Some people look in the mirror and tell themselves they can do it. Receiving praise from others also helps. Why do you think many people post statuses on Facebook saying something negative. They are simply fishing for self esteem boosters.

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    A more positive approach is do real things. Every challenge completed helps my positive self image.

  • Dress for success

  • You will notice something about the way confident people seem to dress. They put on the right clothes for the occasion, maybe even dressing up a little more than the average person. You see this with a lot of people taking up a sport, they have to get all the right clothes and accessories.

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    Put on the right clothes to boost your confidence. Have a great suit for job interviews or business meetings, have a styling shirt or dress for a hot date and something that says combines casual with cool for other occasions.

  • Find a role model

  • There are specific neurons in the brain called mirror neurons that learn by copying other people's behaviour. You can boost your confidence simply by watching what confident people do. Don't think about it too much, just watch and then naturally copy their swagger and style.

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  • Boost your testosterone

  • I am not sure if this works for women as well as men, but I do know that when men exercise, especially early in the morning, they will have a shot of testosterone and energy. They will walk with more confidence and feel able to take on any task.

    I think the best exercise to do this is where you exercise to the point it starts to hurt. A highly recommended way to start your day.

  • Adjust your body language

  • Do you know what they teach someone who is being bullied to do? Look people in the eye. Body language can be difficult to control at times, which is why I put ways that change your attitude before ways that change your body language, but you can still be aware of it and work with it. In fact if you adopt confident body language you will feel more confident. For example, adopting the superhero stance (hands on hips, legs apart, head up) for 10 minutes automatically gives you a confidence boost.

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    Here are the basics: stand upright with your shoulders square, look at people, and don't hide your hands. Don't go overboard or it may appear unnatural.


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