Raise Your Energy Levels

Raise Your Energy Levels

Posted 2013-02-04 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Quality shut eye is everything

“We need energy to achieve our goals and to live an amazing life.”

Tiredness and fatigue can wear us down and limit the quality of our life. We are meant to enjoy an abundance of energy to be able to serve people through our work, as well as making our play time more enjoyable. All of this without having to worry about any tiredness, fatigue, aches and pains to name. These are some of the top ways to raise your life force energy - your energy levels simultaneously.

Step 1: Get Sufficient Sleep

It was mentioned in Gretchen Rubin's book called The Happiness Project that many of us would prefer an extra hours sleep a night over a $60,000 a year pay raise. Now that says a lot. Money is important, yet having sufficient quality shut eye is important to all of us. When we’re asleep our cells are being restored, and we can unwind and have some rest and be ready to re-charge for the next day. As a guide, many of us need our eight hours of beauty sleep. Ideally it is not a good idea to drink alcohol, caffeine, take a hot bath or eat carbs just before going to sleep. Our bodies need sufficient time to adjust. A busy mind needs calm and quiet before you put it to bed, literally.

Eating right makes a world of difference to your energy levels

Step 2: Eat Right

Our bodies crave wholesome, healthy, organic and life giving foods. Foods that feel right for our stomach. Proteins are okay, however not in excess. Minimise the use of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and fat. Trust your stomach and trust your feelings on the food that is not right for you. Let your feelings be the guide.

A group of guys playing beach volleyball at Sydneys Bondi Beach

Step 3: Exercise

Our bodies need constant movement and maintenance. Any form of exercise will keep our bodies fit and active, and we will be happier and more energised for it. You do not need to be a gym junkie or spend hours working out. Just 30-60 minutes a day of exercise, gentle or rigorous is the way to go. With exercise you will have more energy to travel, work or run a business...in a nutshell to achieve your goals and live a great life.

The waterfall area in Sydneys Hyde Park relaxes many Sydney siders

Step 4: Rest and Relaxation

We need our downtime. We need rest. We need time for leisure pursuits. All work and no play leads to stress, illness and burn out. Stop and unwind. It does not imply that you need to go on a holiday. Just take some time out to do some mindless tasks, and tasks that you enjoy and relax you from cooking to gardening and going on a cruise to name.

A group of friends having fun after dressing up and participating in a fun run.

Step 5: Do Things That Make You Feel Great

Something would be wrong if you did not feel energised and uplifted as a by-product of engaging in activities that you enjoy, whether playful or otherwise. Passion leads to more energy and vitality...a greater zest for life. When you get into the groove, things that we once considered a chore such as ironing our clothes becomes much more enjoyable with more energy. If you need some music to help you get into the groove, like some positive party style music then put it on.


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