Remove Paint Spills from Concrete

Remove Paint Spills from Concrete

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It is already a hard process to remove paint from different kinds of surfaces, but it becomes insanely hard to do so from concrete and similar surfaces. And it is even more demanding if you want to do so without damaging the concrete in any way. However, there is good news, there are some fast and relatively easy methods which will help you remove accidentally dripped paint.

Remember though, that whenever handling dangerous and potentially abrasive chemicals you must follow instructions as stated, and you must wear proper protective gear. Furthermore, always ventilate the area well during and after use, so that you do not run any risks of harming yourself and others around you.

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Small Spills
If you want to use chemical strippers to remove spills , you first need to make sure that you are using the right stripper for the right paint. However, you need to make sure that you prepared the surface well enough, otherwise the dirt and debris will make it more difficult to clean the paint. On the other hand, make sure that you secure the area where you will use the stripper, so that nobody accidentally comes into contact with it, especially children and pets.

Be aware that different strippers will need different amounts of time to react, and in some cases you will have to apply more than once to successfully remove the paint. Moreover, remember to thoroughly clean up after you removed the paint, as you will want to remove the harmful chemicals, as well. Fortunately, all you will need is a hard brush and some good cleaning agents, but be careful not to mix active ingredients which could create a reaction with the stripper.

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Large and Stubborn Spills
In a recent conversation with the people behind Omega paints, highly-rated retailers of premium paints , I learned that you can also remove paint by mixing together a mixture of absorbent material with paint strippers. In essence you apply the mixture, which will seem like a paste that you can just peel off later on; but make sure that you are following the instructions accordingly.

There is a chance that you will have to apply the mixture more than once to make sure that the paint comes off without much effort. But make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly afterwards as it might leave some residual chemicals behind, which might be potentially dangerous. It is really important that you scrub hard to remove any leftover particles and that you rinse away the scouring mixture from the cleaning powder; remember to rinse well with water and to aerate the area well after.

More Organic Approach
Dealing with large patches of paint spills, it might be possible that you will need some power to get the job done. Incidentally, soda blasting is a great way to handle large areas without any problems; and the best part about is that is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, this method leaves behind a thin film of white powder which is easy to clean and it will not harm the surface used on, which makes it safe and easy to use almost on any surface.

Proper Assessment
Assess the situation, and if you feel that the area is too big to clean on your own and that it will be too costly for you, it is perhaps better to call on a professional who will know exactly the amount of blasting material and the size of the blasting unit needed to do the job thoroughly. Under no circumstances should you try to do it on your own if you are unsure, because you might end up hurting yourself in the cleaning process.


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