Save Money At The Cinema

Save Money At The Cinema

Posted 2013-02-18 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

A trip to the cinema is always a fun experience; you get to see films on the big screen with HD quality pictures and surround sound, that makes you feel like you are in the film itself. It is also a great way to socialise and share interests. Unfortunately, it can also be rather demanding on your wallet. A visit to the cinema for two can cost you well into £30, if not more. But if you are smart, there are ways to save.

  • Take Your Own Snacks

  • Snacks at the cinema are usually double, if not triple their usual retail price, and you can end up spending a small fortune on a tiny packet of sweets or soft drink.

    I know most cinemas say you are not allowed to bring your own food, but I do it all the time and no one ever stops me. Just put a chocolate bar in your handbag or a drink in your shopping bag, and no one will ever see it. You'll save lots of money this way, and you can still have popcorn since supermarkets sell packets in abundance.

  • Look Out For Special Offers

  • Check out the cinema's website before you go. There are often deals to be had that people miss out on because they don't know about them. For example, The Odeon have Orange Wednesdays. Anyone with Orange can get a two for one deal on tickets on Wednesdays. While at Vue you can take the kids on a Saturday and Sunday morning for just £1.75.

  • Join A Loyalty Club

  • If you go to the cinema regularly, you should join your cinema's loyalty club, where you can get better deals. For example, with the Odeon's Premiere Club, you get points every time you spend. Build up enough points and you can get free tickets and snacks.

  • Watch Films in 2D

  • Sure, 3D might look cool, but it can end up adding and extra £4 to your ticket. We all used to be satisfied with 2D films, and they bring just as much enjoyment as a 3D film. Once you start watching a 3D, you usually end up not noticing the difference by the time you are a few minutes in anyway.

  • See Films Off Peak

  • Over the weekend and on weekday evenings it is peak time. It is when most people go to see a movie, and therefore, when cinemas charge higher prices. If you can, go early on a weekday, and you'll save yourself some cash.


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