Say YES more often

Say YES more often

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No one likes to hear "No" but for most of us it is hard for us to say "Yes“. So let's look at some strategies for saying "Yes" more often at work and in our life.

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Time: A few minutes everyday

Your positive attitude

  • Just say "Yes"

  • This was the topic of a book written by a journalist who undertook to say "Yes" to everything. It was also the topic of the movie "Yes Man" starring Jim Carrey.

    Really what is wrong with saying "Yes". Maybe we will have more fun and opportunity if we said "Yes" more often. Certainly we will end up with many more interesting stories.

  • Say something positive

  • When ideas or requests come your way, whether you plan to say yes or no, simply say something positive. Someone asks you to move house say "It is always better when friends help you move", when you boss asks you to stay late, say "It is best if this work is completed as soon as possible", if your friends want you to come out partying on a work night say "I love to party" or "You are really living your life to the fullest".

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    Maybe you will say no latter, but right now you have made them feel good with your positive attitude.

  • Say "Yes" to something else

  • Instead of saying "No" to something, come up with something to say "Yes" to. Can't go out tonight, maybe suggest going out tomorrow. Can't complete the report by Friday, why not say which part you can finish or a new time to finish it.

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  • Move everything forward one step

  • Maybe you can't say "Yes" to everything but you don't have to say "No" either. So if someone asks you to do something on the weekend, tell them you will make a note of it and check. Often people say "No" to something and end up doing nothing. If you say "Let me check" you will probably say "Yes" when you realise you have nothing else on.

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    The same could be said for business ideas. Businesses where bosses say "No" to everything fail pretty quickly. Instead a smart boss will put them on the list of ideas to work on and ask you to work on them. Of course the more your boss says "Yes" to, the more work you end up having to do, so you will only put forward your best ideas.

  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

  • Instead of "Yes" or "No" turn it into an idea-fest. Chances are that one of the ideas will be something everyone can "Yes" to.

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  • Get them to say "Yes"

  • Don't worry about saying "Yes", instead get them to say "Yes" to something. Make it positive. For example, if they ask you to help them move house, ask them to help you do something. A "Yes" from them is going to still be a positive outcome.


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