Sell For Free on eBay

Sell For Free on eBay

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We all have some clutter laying around that we would like to clean up and turn into to some extra cash, but perhaps you are nervous about it ending up costing you money and nothing selling?

Relax, there is a way to list your items on eBay and list them all for free.

Screenshot from to promote their free selling options

Time: After you have the basics set up, Probably around 15 to 30 minutes per listing.

An active eBay Account
An active PayPal account or credit card for any fees which may arise. (I know, I know I said it would be free to list your items, it will, read on)
Your eBay account setup for selling
Please see instructions in my other tutorial for how to do this


firstly read my other tutorial on how to sell in eBay to understand the basics

You can find this tutorial here .

Usually when you list an item on eBay you will be charged an insertion fee for listing your goods. If the item sells you will also be charged what is called a final value fee (FVF).

eBay also charge fees for optional features that you may choose in order to promote your goods in a better way.

Therefore the total cost of selling your goods is the listing fee plus the final value fee plus any other optional feature fees that you may add in.

The fees will vary depending on the site you are listing on and also the category you are listing in. If you decide to become more professional with your eBay selling, you may also open an eBay store.

However once you do this the option to list your items for free will disappear therefore this tutorial is for those people who do not yet have an eBay store.

The everyday people who have a little bit of clutter around the house and would like to tidy it up or perhaps the new seller that is wanting to get into eBay and test the market with some new items without getting burnt by fees.

With a promise that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain eBay now want to open the doors to a wider audience.

Therefore they have introduced the opportunity for eligible members to sell the first 30 items per month without any listing fees.

This means if you do not have an eBay store and are not upgraded to power seller rank, the first 30 items you list per month will be absolutely free of any listing fees.

There is no upfront cost so if your items do not sell you do not pay anything.

You can list up to 30 items in any format for free using standard listing features in the participating categories.

If you go over the 30 items per month you will pay an insertion fee of between $.50 and $3 per item but if you keep them under the 30 listings they will be completely free.

Screenshote from of the seller fees over 30 listings

If your items do sell, you will pay eBay 7.9% of the final price which it sold for capped at $100.

You can list in either auction style or fixed-price format and every listing comes with 12 free pictures including the gallery image included.

Click here for more details.

May your house be clutter free and your pockets lined with cash

Please note this review is intended as a general guide only and does not cover all of the details required within eBay.
For all terms conditions and details please refer to eBay directly (choose the eBay site in the country which you intend to sell in).


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