Sell on eBay

Sell on eBay

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It is commonly announced that the average person has over $6000 worth of surplus items sitting around the house that they could get back by selling on eBay.

A screenshot of the page to begin selling

Time: 1-2 hours to set up originally

An active eBay account
A current PayPal account
Some items you wish to sell

  • Firstly you will need to open an eBay account
  • By going to for Australia

    There is a step by step process which they will guide you through in order to open an account.

    You get there by simply clicking the register button, a few simple questions later and you will be on your way.

  • The only thing you really need to think about at this point is what's known as your user ID.

  • This is the name which you are going to be known by on eBay and if you are going to use your account for selling, it is definitely worthwhile to consider carefully the type of name you wish to use here.

    You can use almost anything with certain restrictions, but it cannot have spaces and it really is best to choose one which represents a general sense ofwhat you may be selling or something that links with your business or what style of products you wish to sell.

  • Once you have decided on a user ID and had it approved you're ready to begin selling.

  • An example of one of my active listings, available to sell to give an idea what your finished page will look like

  • You now need to select the button which says "become a seller" you will need to register for this however is a free and one time easy process.

  • You will also need a PayPal account or a credit or debit card in which to pay your eBay fees should they arise.

  • Once you have registered as a seller, you are ready to begin listing your first item.

  • It is a good idea to look up on eBay under current or previous listings anything that might be similar to your item to get an idea of what they are worth on eBay.

  • In order to look up an item, just click on the advanced search link which is located at the top of most eBay pages, enter any key words that you can think of to describe your item and then select the "completed listings" checkbox followed by the search button.

  • This will show you what similar items sold for.

  • You have a variety of different selling formats on eBay which include:
  • Auction style listings - where bidders will compete for your item.
  • Buy it now - for sales where you set the price for selling one or more items and forget about the auction.
  • Classified with best offer - which is generally used where you set the price for one item and allow buyers to negotiate with you. This category is often used for selling motor vehicles.

  • Remember if you are choosing auction style listings that the starting price must be the lowest price you are willing to sell your item for.

  • Bidding will commence at that price and you may get a great deal more than that, however you may only get one bid, in which case the item will be sold at the price you originally started with.

  • If you are using the Buy It Now listings (BIN), then enter the price at which you wish to sell your item, there will be no negotiations and if that price is acceptable to a buyer they will select purchase and pay for the item at that price.

  • If you select pricing for classifieds with best offer enter the price at which you want to sell your item, however you need to be prepared to accept offers from buyers for it. You can accept or decline any offers that is submitted to you.

  • Once you have selected the type of listing that you would like you will need to enter a title, a description and some photographs.

  • Once you feel that your item is clearly depicted and described then click "sell now".

  • Your goods will immediately be available for sale on eBay.

  • Hopefully you can now sit back and watch the money rolling in whilst your house becomes clutter free in the process.

    If you wish to become advanced with your selling, you can open an ebay store and create professional looking pages to list your items in. this is the screenshot of my eBay store to give you an idea what they look like

    Please note this review is intended as a general guide only and does not cover all of the details required within eBay.
    For all terms conditions and details please refer to eBay directly (choose the eBay site in the country which you intend to sell in).


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