Setup Accounts and Parental Control in Mac

Setup Accounts and Parental Control in Mac

Posted 2014-12-04 by BKfollow
As much as you love your computer, chances are you will be sharing it with someone else in your family. A Mac can help you keep the accounts separate and secure. You can also enable parental controls to limit access to your kids. Let’s show you how.

Click on the apple icon on top left side of your screen. A drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘System Preferences’.

Now click on Accounts in the System menu.

The accounts window will pop up and look something like the image below. At the moment guest accounts are not enabled.

Click on the lock on bottom left corner so you can make changes to the user accounts. Your computer will prompt you for a password. Enter the password and click OK.

Now check the box to allow guests to login in this computer as shown in picture below.

If you are going to share the computer with kids, you might want to enable parental control. Check on the box and click on ‘Open Parental Controls’.

You can limit the number of applications as shown above. You can also take logs of everything. Select on websites visited to monitor the websites the user has viewed. Similarly you can take logs of chats and applications.

In the web tab, you can add or remove websites kids should be allowed to access by using the plus and minus buttons.

You can also control chat and email applications.

In the example below, the user is allowed to chat only with John Doe. So, click on plus sign and add John Doe’s email address and click on ‘Add’.

In the Time tab, you have option to limit the amount of time the user can use the computer. Check to limit computer usage for weekdays, weekends or bedtime and adjust time accordingly.

When you close System Preferences, all the settings will be saved automatically. You are all set. Happy Browsing !

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