Summer Fun How to Create a Waterfall by Your Swimming Pool

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When you initially started designing and building your backyard swimming pool, you may have been dreaming that it would be a true oasis that was just as ideal for relaxing on your own as it was to entertain family and friends on warm summer days. However, after building your swimming pool , you may feel that something is lacking. While the cool, azure waters may be refreshing, you may be looking for a way to transform the space so that it is truly like your own piece of paradise in your backyard. Adding a waterfall by the swimming pool is a thoughtful idea that can give you the relaxing ambiance you desire in this space, and this may be the perfect upgrade project to get started on.

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Step 1: Creating a Plan
Before you can get to work building your new waterfall feature, you will need to create a wonderful plan. A waterfall can be as large and as grand as you desire, but preferably its size will be well-suited based on the swimming pool size. This includes all dimensions as well as the size and stream of the waterfall. Keep in mind that the waterfall stream will also impact the sound in your backyard. Consider if you want a trickling sound, a babbling sound, a flowing sound or something else altogether. The flow of the water as well as the layout of the stones or other materials used with your waterfall will impact the sound that you create. Your plan should take this into account.


Step 2: Selecting Your Materials
Selecting your materials is a fun experience, and you can incorporate a great deal of creativity into this aspect of the waterfall installation process. Some will use smooth river stones, and others will use volcanic rock or even bricks or other creative materials depending on the overall look that you are going for. Think about if you want to incorporate vegetation into the rocks as well, and consider how deep the planter areas for vegetation needs to be. The dimensions of your materials as well as their weight, colour and porous nature should all be taken into account.

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Step 3: Hiring a Contractor
You may want to build your waterfall on your own, but there may be at least a few of the steps in the process that you want to hire a contractor for help with. For example, your waterfall may need electricity to run the pump, and you may need a water line running to the area as well. Therefore, a plumber and an electrician may both be needed for assistance with the project. After the basic work has been completed, you can then create the ideal waterfall based on your plan.


After building your swimming pool, you may understandably be ready to dress it up, and adding a waterfall by the swimming pool is the ideal solution. You can add a small, babbling waterfall or a grand design that you can swim under and sit under. With these and so many other design possibilities available, you may be excited about getting started on your project. Spend time reflecting on your possibilities and imagining how each one could transform and enhance your yard in different ways. This will help you to select the right design to incorporate into your space.


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