Summer Proof Your Home in 4 Steps

Summer Proof Your Home in 4 Steps

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Summer is right around the corner! And the summer season is known for the high temperatures and heat waves, which can wreck havoc on a residential property. The heat can increase the temperature inside of the home and also cause the exterior materials on the building to become worn throughout the season. To summer proof your home and protect it from the climate, there are a few important steps to take.

1. Apply a Cool Coat on the Roof

Cool coats can be applied by professional roofers to reflect UV rays that often penetrate through the structure and increase the temperature inside of the building. The coat is clear and works to protect the roofing materials and prevent them from becoming damaged due to too much sun exposure. The coat will often last for several years before it needs to be reapplied.

Those who are in need of a new roof can install a structure that is heat resistant, which includes clay, slate, and metal materials. You can also consider applying a coat of white paint on the tiles or shingles if your roof is dark to prevent the building from attracting more heat.

2. Install New Windows

One of the most common ways that heat is transferred into the home is with old, thin windows that don't insulate the building. Drafts may also be present where warm air from the outside seeps into the home. Hire a professional to install heat proof windows, which will reduce your energy bill and create a more comfortable interior setting until the temperatures drop outside.

UPVC windows are an ideal option because they are extremely durable and are dust proof, which protects the interior air quality from becoming contaminated with pollutants and allergens during the season. The insulating material is also extremely thick to ensure that cool air does not escape the home when the air conditioning is in use. You can also opt for draught proofing windows that are already installed with the help of a professional.

When determining double glazed windows prices, the cost will be influenced by the materials and the size of the product. The design, installation, and labor will also affect the cost.

3. Add Curtains

When you want to know how to heat proof windows, consider adding blackout curtains that will block the sunlight and will keep the home cooler during the day. The curtains will insulate the home due to their heavy material to prevent heat transfer from occurring. This will allow you to rely less on your HVAC system and can reduce your energy usage during the summer.

If you plan to add curtains, hire a professional to properly size your AC if you need to purchase a new model. The space will need to be measured to ensure that the unit will cool each room of the home adequately. After determining the square footage of the property, multiply the number by 25 BTUs and relay the information to the professional that will install the product.

4. Service the Air Conditioner

Schedule to have the air conditioner serviced by a technician for a tune up that is needed to keep the unit running efficiently. You can also install quality filters and change them throughout the year. The unit loses five percent of its efficiency every year, making it important to maintain the product to ensure that the home can stay cool and comfortable.

You'll also want to keep bushes and trees clear outside if they're in close proximity to the unit to ensure that air can continue to flow well.


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