The Green Wedding Guide for Green Couples

The Green Wedding Guide for Green Couples

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Going green for your wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day and take care of the planet at the same time. Having a green wedding is easier than it seems, too. From an eco-friendly bachelorette party or green bachelor party to the ceremony and the reception, here are some helpful tips to help you have the green wedding of your dreams.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

For starters, think green for your bachelor or eco-friendly bachelorette party. An easy start is to keep the party local or else take the train to your destination. By reducing travel time, you’ll reduce greenhouse emissions. The lack of stress from not having to plan out complicated travel details will be worth it too. Party on with organic wine, fruit and cheese, go to an organic spa, go camping and get back to nature or attend a local music festival.

The Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses have a zero carbon footprint and classic dress lines. Vintage clothing stores are a good place to find gorgeous wedding dresses and accessories, and a quick trip to a tailor or seamstress will have you looking fabulous for your big day. An alternative is to shop on Esty for a wedding gown maker who can give you a custom look and who uses 100% organic fabric and dyes. For the bridesmaids gowns, chose a dress they’ll want to wear again, like a light summer frock.


Look for a local florist who sells organic flowers that are preferably locally grown too, if possible. Decorate the table with potted flowers that can double as gifts, use organic ribbons, or decorate with garlands of berries, vines, or branches. Rather than use disposable dishes, look for a party rental company and rent out dishes, glasses, linens & utensils. Throw wildflower seeds native to the area instead of rice.

Reception food

Find a local caterer who uses organic, sustainably farmed, locally grown food for the reception. Try to use cruelty free meat for guests who eat meat, and include vegan food for vegans and vegetarians. Organic wine and champagne for guest will help keep the bar green. Have organic flowers decorate your cake instead of using a plastic topping.

Wedding pictures

Consider using a digital photographer who can give you digital copies of your wedding pictures so you won’t have to use toxic photo processing chemicals to have your pictures made.

Gift registry

Ask for eco-friendly wedding gifts that are made from fair trade, sustainable practices. Alternatively, ask people to donate to a green charity in your name. Asking for fine art and craftwork, such as pottery, from local artists supports the local craftsmen and cuts down on greenhouse emissions too.

The ring

Vintage rings have a zero carbon footprint and come in many lovely designs. They are also only a fraction of the cost of a new ring. Handmade rings by local craftsmen made from recycled metals are greener too. Another trend is wooden rings made from responsibly harvested sources.

With eco-mindedness becoming more common, green weddings are easier than ever to have. From your green bachelor or eco-friendly bachelorette party, through the ceremony and the reception, you can have the wedding of your dreams and do your part to help save the planet too.

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