Travel Between Sydney and Melbourne in 3 Different Ways

Travel Between Sydney and Melbourne in 3 Different Ways

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If you want to take in as much Australia has to offer, you’re best off experiencing both of her most populated cities, Sydney and Melbourne. The great thing is that travelling between the two can be as quick, relaxing or adventurous as you like it. It really up to you!

By far the quickest method of getting between the two cities is flying. With a total flight time of just over an hour, it’s a kind of blink and you’re there thing. It’s cheap as well, with flights available for under $100. If you want to be at the other city in a matter of hours, it’s well worth booking a flight.

Going in one of these bad boys gets your there pretty quick. Source Dave HeutsFlickr

If you’re going to be travelling, why not travel in style? You can jump on cruise on a 1 or 2 night cruise that will take you from city to city. Once you’re aboard you’ll be able to kick back, drink in hand, and take in the sights of the ocean and Aussie coastline. You’ll have the opportunity enjoy a fine dining experience and let the waves rock you to sleep, and then wake up at your destination!

Travelling in style. Source blmiers2Flickr

Who doesn't enjoy a good road trip? While it’s definitely the most time consuming method of travelling between cities, it’s instead perhaps the one with most opportunities. Being over an 8 hour drive, it’s suggested that you break up the trip over at least one night. However, you can use this to your advantage and take your time to enjoy all that regional Australia has to offer. There’s a lot of history on the roads and towns between Sydney and Melbourne, including Albury , Bendigo and Ballarat. Not only that but regional Victoria is home to some of the most renowned wineries in the country, with most of them offering exceptional tours.

Nothing like an old fashioned road trip Source Tony BowdenFlickr

So depending on how quickly you want to arrive and your personal style, there's many options for travelling between these two glorious cities. So what are you waiting for? Figure out what suits you and get going!


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