Turn your backyard into the ultimate kids playground

Turn your backyard into the ultimate kids playground

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Kids these days spend too much time indoors. Either they’re on the computer too much, studying or sitting in front of the telly. When I was young being outdoors was so much fun. My friends and I would kill so much time, it was the best.

Many studies have proven that kids who play outdoors are more likely to have an increase health, Independence, and energy.

If you’re struggling to get your kids to play outdoors, perhaps you could try spicing up your background and turning it into an ultimate kids playground. This way your kids will be begging to go play outside.

Below are 4 ideas to creating an ultimate kids playground in your backyard:

Swinging Set

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Installing a swinging set is a great idea to promote a fun outdoor environment. It’s one of the best ways for children to experience fresh air, enjoyment and exercise.

Attaching a swinging set to your outdoor area will also encourage more social play between their siblings or friends; so they will grow older enjoying time with others as well as being in touch with mother nature.

A swinging set is also great for exercise as it helps activates the children’s muscles and burn more calories. Playing on swings also helps relieve stress.

So by installing a swing set in your backyard your child will feel happier, less stressed and be more social.


Adding a sandpit in your backyard will increase your child's emotional and social needs. Additionally it will increase their language skills because they will want to show and tell you what they’re trying to build.

A sandpit will enable your child to be outdoors in the fresh air as well as use their hands to create and play with toys. Kids can spend hours in the sandpit by simply digging, building, scooping, moulding, and scraping with their sandpit toys.

So by installing a little sandpit in your backyard your child will be in the fresh air while developing their fine motor skills.

Inflatable Swimming Pool

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Inflatable swimming pools will get your child moving and playing in water. The best part of inflatable pools is they're shallow enough to have your child play in independently. So this means my adding an inflatable swimming pool into your backyard your children will be playing outdoors, learning to be independent and also being amongst mother nature. Additionally they will burn more energy and feel less stress after being active for a few hours.

Cubby House

Including a cubby house in your backyard will create an ultimate children's playground because it provides kids with a sense of ownership as they can put whatever they want in their cubby and make it their own. Cubby house play also sparks a lot of creativity and imagination in a child as they can role play, play dress up and even just spend hours with their siblings or friends inside their personal sanctuary.

This type of play also encourages independence as they can practice acting and speaking to their friends or siblings without parents around. This type of outdoor play increases their social skills also.

Bottom Line: Kids will be able to learn just as much playing outdoors with mother nature as they would be studying and playing on computers. So to encourage your children to play outside more turn your backyard into an ultimate kids playground by adding a sand pit, inflatable pool, cubby house or swinging set, to increase their motor skills, social skills, independence and to have more fun!


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